About Us

Here in Copenhagen, our Urban Adventures team is a tight-knit collective of Copenhageners with great personalities, who are passionate about providing world-class experiences. As locals, and Danes, we know Copenhagen like our own back-hand. Our own friends and family actually often use us as a human search engine for all things Copenhagen-related.

With us, you can rest assured you’ll touch base with Copenhageners way of life through its foods, drinks, history and culture. As members of the Urban Adventures network, we’re excited to promote Copenhagen through the lens of our own and the international networks values. As a result, we would never take you to places we wouldn’t want to go on our own or support with our own hard-earned cash.

So join one of our knowing local guides for your Best. Day. Ever! We’re all passionate about showing Copenhagen’s many charming features, as well as letting you in on all the city’s hidden secrets in a fun interactive way while we get to know you. Remember when you first have joined one of our tours, you’re part of the family and can as such always reach out with your questions about all things Copenhagen.