• Chevron down Who are the guides behind Copenhagen Urban Adventures?
  • We’re a team of good friends – Mie, Jamshed, Jeppe, Jens, Pauline, Sandra & Jacob – who prides ourselves on having won several pub quizzes about Copenhagen’s landmarks against the other guides of our wonderful city. No, it’s not polite to mock others, but we’re actually self-proclaimed quiz masters and one of us have even won Jeopardy 11 times and besides that of course Copenhagen locals born and bred! So you can bet, we have intimate knowledge of being read H. C. Andersen’s fairy tales when we were young, of being in the Royal Guard and we’ve experienced Copenhagen’s past and present first-hand both from our parents stories about our stunning city as well as by living and experiencing it in our everyday life. With us you will never get generic stories when you join our tours, we will always bring the personal into it as well which makes our experiences unique every single time.


  • Chevron down Why should I book with you instead of another experience company in Copenhagen?
  • Copenhagen is full of great experiences and new ones are arriving all the time. What sets our experiences apart is that they’re fun, local, accessible, valuable, original and responsible and always conducted in small groups of no more than 12 persons. Guess what? If you’re only 1 person booked, we still honor your booking and take you for your very own private tour as well! We love doing these tours and in particular love the interactive element of them, so we definitely encourage coming out with us if you’re curious on Copenhagen’s way of life, food, drinks or glorious history.

  • Chevron down I want to see sights. Are we going to do some sightseeing at all?
  • We understand, sightseeing is a crucial aspect of any travel. It’s really difficult to walk around especially the central parts of Copenhagen without stumbling upon one or a few of our biggest landmarks. Nevertheless, sightseeing in the traditional sense of the word where a guide is leading a huge group is not what we focus on nor what we want to do. We want to provide a more culturally-immersive local, interactive and responsible experience, which does not necessarily involve sights, or at least the main sights in Copenhagen. If this is what you want though, you can always consider joining our Total Day Tour: Highlights & Hygge experience to cover all of the sights the way we do them or book our Private Express Tour: Copenhagen In A Nutshell that shows you the biggest of the landmarks of Copenhagen on a 3-3.5 hour tour.

  • Chevron down Are the prices all-inclusive? What is included?
  • Yes. The price includes all the treats mentioned in our itineraries, so just sit back and relax. It’s your vacation! We will be taking care of all the payments, as one of our values here at Urban Adventures is to give back and support Copenhagen’s small local businesses Just last year, we actually injected more than DKK500.000 or the equivalent of more than €67.000 EUR into local businesses in Copenhagen on our guests behalf, which we’re of course really proud of. Besides that, you’re of course always out with a native Copenhagener on our tours, who will be glad to help with loads of tips, recommendations and general advice before, during and long after the tour has finished.

  • Chevron down What’s your cancellation policy?
  • We understand that sometimes travel plans change due to unexpected circumstances. That’s why, we have one of the most flexible cancellation policies on our group tours in Copenhagen, where you can cancel and receive a full refund (minus the booking fee) up till 24 hours before the tour.

    Please note, we unfortunately can’t be this flexible on private tours, so here our policy is if you cancel a private tour:

    · more than 14 days in advance, we’ll refund 90% (minus the booking fee)

    · between 6 and 13 days in advance, we’ll refund 50% (minus the booking fee)

    · less then 5 days before the tour there’s no refund

  • Chevron down How bad do the weather have to be for you to cancel the experience?
  • Really bad. We have a saying here in Copenhagen: There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing! If you expect bad weather, we recommend you to dress for the weather and you know, all our tours of course feature stops and inclusions at indoor places to stay toasty.

  • Chevron down Are the experiences suitable for children or teenagers?
  • We love kids and teenagers. Unfortunately though, not all of our tours are suitable for children or teenagers for various reasons. Our experience tells us private tours created with the kids or teenagers in mind can be really fun! But also our shorter experiences in groups such as our Hygge & Happiness tour and our Nørrebro Neighborhood tour have been popular with children and teenagers, where we’re often showered with compliments afterwards that this was the best thing the kids and teenagers have ever done on a vacation. We suggest you discuss the tour options with your children or teenagers and see if they like the idea of joining. But please note you’re always free to book your kids or teenagers in on our experiences if they of course doesn’t include alcohol.    

  • Chevron down Do you run private experiences?
  • Yes, we of course offer private tours. Our team of local experts have come together to create a wide range of private walking and bike tour options suitable for both smaller and larger groups no matter the occasion. If you’re rather fancying getting creative on your own, where you want us to create something totally unique and special and tailored just for you and your friends and family. Well, then you’re in luck – we offer bespoke tours too! Just fill out the form in the bottom here and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours and we’ll work something out.

  • Chevron down What languages do you offer tours in?
  • All our tours are conducted in English, but we can offer private tours on some occasions in English, Danish, French and Spanish on request. Please fill out the form here and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

  • Chevron down How much walking is involved on your tours?
  • All our tours are active experiences so they include some walking, but don’t worry it’s not death marches. Our tours range from a little over a mile to 4.5 miles on the longest one! But please note, all our tours include stops at certain places to discuss the sights and hidden gems we’re experiencing and at eateries and watering holes for some of Copenhagen’s best scrumptious delights.


  • Chevron down Why didn't I get a reply to my enquiry?
  • We’re always monitoring our mail-box like a hawk, so we always respond to all our enquiries. If you for some reason haven’t received a response within a reasonable timeframe, which for us mean 48 hours please check your junk folder and if you cannot find the response there something’s gone wrong. Please send us a message again here and please make sure to put the correct e-mail address in the text field. Thank you!

  • Chevron down Do you accept Copenhagen Card?
  • With the awesome Copenhagen Card you’re entitled to a 20 % discount on all our group tours. To claim your Copenhagen Card discount, use the following discount code when booking: CPHCARD20. Please remember to bring your card for the tour to confirm your eligibility to receive the discount when you arrive to the tour, thank you.