Lonely Planet Experiences

Experience the world’s best travel stories for yourself! Join a local expert and uncover hidden gems on a city adventure hand-picked by the world’s leading travel publisher.  

Lonely Planet Experiences powered by Urban Adventures bring stories to life in the world’s best-loved cities. They combine Lonely Planet’s talent for inspirational storytelling with Urban Adventures’ #localsknow expertise and commitment to having a positive local impact wherever they go.  

Lonely Planet Perks

Every Lonely Planet Experience also comes with 6 months free access to Lonely Planet’s Guides App, which includes over 8,000 destination guides, and unbeatable discounts in the Lonely Planet store. 


“For over four decades, travellers have looked to Lonely Planet for trusted travel advice. Now, global explorers looking for the inside track can journey along with us on this new range of tours powered by Urban Adventures. The two brands share an unmatched passion for travel and a genuine commitment to responsible travel and we’re proud to combine our expertise to deliver amazing adventures for like-minded travelers around the world.”

– Luis Cabrera, CEO of Lonely Planet

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